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  1. Greetings, friends. I want to take my 11 year-old to see her first WILCO show, but when the tickets went on sale, all that was left was GA Floor. She’ll have almost no shot at seeing from the floor, so I’m hoping to trade my four floor seats for some seats in the balcony. This is for Saturday, March 25, at The Riv. Please let me know if you can help!
  2. They haven't. I can't imagine Wilco will play there. The sound sucks and it's hard to find anywhere with good sightlines.
  3. Right, and I can't imagine they would want to play there, or that the financial considerations would work. But primarily, the neighborhood and city have to be appeased, and three shows there this year is certainly enough, as far as the neighbors are concerned. Won't be Wrigley for lots of reasons.
  4. After Europe would be my best guess, too. Yeah, on balance I'd bet on better sound at UC than Allstate. I think it depends on what type of show it is -- the echo off the back wall at United Center can be unbearable, but if it's AC/DC or something, you may never hear it. On the other hand, I'd say Wilco's much more subtle stuff would be doomed in that place. But I just don't recall ever hearing anyone with even tolerable sound at Allstate. I do agree about Sears Center, but it's so far from downtown and books such a small number of decent shows I don't even think about it.
  5. Are we thinking the show will be between 10,000 Lakes and Europe, or after Europe?
  6. Aragon has the worst sound and the worst sightlines of any Chicago venue I can think of. United Center is what it is. All things equal, I think Allstate is crappier. No real alternative for bands who want to sell 20,000 seats in Chicago. That's just life. Tinley is a nightmare in every sense of the word. Vic/Riv/Metro are among my favorites. Yes, they need cosmetic work, but that doesn't really bother my concert experience. There are plenty of options for viewing strategies, and in the right hands, each of these rooms can sound outstanding. Park West is another nice sounding room,
  7. Perhaps a Radiohead-style Grant Park/Hutchinson Field show? That was a terrific evening.
  8. Dear Mr. Fidrych (yes, "The Bird"), premieres tonight at the Detroit-Windsor International Film Festival. I have it on good authority that Wilco has generously agreed to the use of some of its music in the film. Come check it out if you're so inclined!
  9. Pollstar, which gets it wrong sometimes but not too often, just listed a Wilco show at The Hideout on Monday. I take it that's the Release Party featuring the ensemble. There's no way Wilco would play Nevada on the 28th, fly home, and then play Oregon on the 30th, right?
  10. Not to prolong this point, and I don't really know anything about it personally, but I think Wendy's point is that the kids who get the scholarships (to what is presumably already a fine school) are the ones being enriched.
  11. Ticketmaster is only offering Gold Circle / $250 tickets right now. Anyone know what the deal is for the $100 seats?
  12. Thanks for that. I'm lucky to be going, but I passed that to a friend who is happy to be able to listen. I see that they say the stream begins at 7. What should we read into that? An early start, or do we still think they're on at 7:30?
  13. This is spoken for by Wendy. Good luck to everyone else.
  14. I've got one extra for tonight. The terms: What I paid TM for the ticket (roughly $45); Meet me at Wacker and Madison ASAP; No PMs, please. Respond to me at ppreston AT gmail.com. In your response, please say something to suggest that you are indeed a fan, just to try to be sure you're not a dirty scalper who has infiltrated the board. I can't do anything other than the above. I'd meet you at The Riv but I'm not sure when I'll be able to get there. I'll post here when the ticket has actually been handed off. Until then, please assume I'm trying to work something out with someone who
  15. Here are a few more snapshots to add to the mix.
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