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  1. I requested "Just A Kid" on Friday just because I think it's a fun song and the acoustic rendition sounds great. The show came right in the middle of final projects and exams for me, though, so the song ended up really appealing to the whiney "I don't want to do my work" kid in me. I basically ended up request the most personally appropriate song without realizing it at first. It's magical... thanks Jeff.
  2. The reactions around me were really funny. A group of older guys behind me liked the rhythm (which was amazing on those last few songs) but didn't quite get it musically. The kids in front of me, meanwhile, thought it was a noodly mess. I just think it's funny how many people were ignorant of the fact that they were witnessing an extremely influential band and Chicago legends. Their loss. On to the main event: first off, I was surprised that I was able to stand maybe 4 "rows" of people back even though I didn't get in line until around 6. Being that close, I really didn't get much of a sense
  3. exo

    Watt & Nels

    Anyone else end up going to the Central Park show? A bit of a let down for both bands as there were some serious sound problems (especially for M. Ward, who had to suffer through the first half of his set guitar-less or drenched in some kind of feedback). Musically though, it was an odd fit for Floored by Four because of the setting (a bunch of boozed-up hipsters at a free show in the park that expect Wilco and Minutemen songs) and pairing (quite different than M. Ward). I'd say it was fairly avant-garde, fusion-esque jamming, but a bit different than what I was expecting. Especially with Watt
  4. I'm not going to lie... my girlfriend and I have been freaking out about this movie ever since we saw the trailer for it before Ratatouille back in June. I'm just excited that it finally comes out in a few months.
  5. You'd think a DVD is imminent, but what better opportunity is there than the residency? Unless of course they film a single night for a DVD.
  6. So when Jeff said people should stop saying "for reals", what was the other phrase he said should be banned? I can't remember.
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