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  1. LOL... That's cool. I got to see enough Nels Cline guitar action through the course of the evening, and now it's beautifully captured. (As for the drunken prat who kept bumping and jumping into me during the rock numbers in an (ultimately futile) effort to push me out of the way I was mighty annoyed )
  2. adrian76, I was right behind you (to the right). Very cool to see another VCer, and thanks for the great photos (there were certainly plenty of people taking photos around our neck of the woods last night, and all I was thinking was 'I hope someone posts on Via Chicago' because I was sans camera)... And what an awesome show... 2.5 hours of aural bliss.
  3. Probably one or two more...
  4. AWATT, the two in Melbourne last 2h15m and 2h05m respectively. The first show in Melbourne had a lot of banter and of course the brilliant acoustic Acuff Rose... And Froggie gets a mention!
  5. There'll be two encores...
  6. Oh boy - keeping up the dialogue on the number plate slogans... Victoria's 'the smarterer State' according to Jeff in the Wednesday show...
  7. Cryptique, the Enmore's great - I saw Belle & Sebastian there in 2004. Nice vibe, choice of standing or seating and in a nice area (Newtown) that's very student-y and alternative...
  8. This is very cool - third Wilco show in four days! Not quite as good as 'Being There' like the other two, but pretty I'm happy!
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