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  1. Funny stuff when Jeff commented about the speed of the repair to Glenn's bass drum pedal being like NASCAR.
  2. I am not distracting to people around me in the least. It's super low key. I have friends that can't be here that like to follow along in real time. Relax, folks.
  3. In case anybody here is interested, I was posting the setlist as it happened last night on Twitter, along with some pics & it turned out to be a pretty fun thing to do with those playing along at home, so I figure I'll do it again tonight. So if any of you are interested in following along, my Twitter handle is @bryontreece. Although, I'm probably bound to get stumped by some rarities, so take it easy on me if I screw up! I'm sure this final show of the run is going to be a doozy!!
  4. I'm pretty sure that's not how this works. The studio audience for the taping of the actual Late Show will be completely gone before the Wilco show. Letterman tapes his show, I believe, around 4:30 or so. The place will be cleared out & after that it will be ALL Wilco fans entering the theatre @ 7:30pm for Wilco's 8:00pm show.
  5. I have to drive into the city tonight for the Letterman gig. In consideration of all of these traffic issues due to the UN business, if I'm coming in from Queens, do you think it would be best to avoid the LIE/Midtown Tunnel, & take Queens Blvd. to the 59th St. bridge, or just go tunnel?? ANy sage advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Yes! I am one of the Twitter Haiku contest winners!! This is gonna be special. I believe the Ed Sullivan Theatre's capacity is only 400. It's my wife's b-day that day too, and needless to say, she is a huge Wilco fan as well. Can't wait!!
  7. D'OH!! Spoke too soon....I just got 2! Very nice.
  8. Well, the AMEX presale for NYC was a total fail.
  9. Thanks. I've never done an AMEX presale before, but I've heard that you do have to put in a password, but then you can actually use any credit card to complete the purchase once you're in. We'll soon see....
  10. I was on @ 9:50am to try for 2 NYC tickets. Got thrown into the waiting room & by the time I got out of it, no more tickets available. I'll try for the 12:00pm Amex pre-sale. Anybody know what the pasword is??
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