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  1. That is a beautiful and wonderful idea We will be thinking of you Saturday night. And, thanks for the pic!! xoxo
  2. Speaking of her critters, please rest assured that they are all in good hands It was our primary concern after hearing the terrible news.
  3. Hello to all, A friend of mine from the Elliott Smith board just sent me a message letting me know that there was a thread here as well. I wanted you all to know that your thoughts and comments are being passed along to many of her other close friends and will be expressed to her parents. A couple of people have suggested gathering some of the notes being posted in her honor and sending them to her parents in the next couple of weeks; I'll remind those doing the organizing that this thread is full of thoughts etc and should most certainly be included in that package. By her parent's request, there will be no formal service. In her mother's words, "It's the living that's important, not the dying." With that in mind, friends in the Portland area along with those who are able to make it from out of town will be getting together in Portland Sunday afternoon in her honor, to celebrate her life by sharing stories, photos and anything else that feels appropriate. If you are in the area and would like to attend, please feel free to post something here or on the Elliott Smith board and her friends will certainly be in touch. I would also like to note that while Natalie was feeling sick last week, her friends took the time to stop by her apartment to check up on her regularly and make sure she had food/water/medicine, etc. She was well loved, and well taken care of. Her passing came as a shock and has left us all gutted. As I'm not a member of this community, I won't be keeping up with PMs, but many of her friends are available via Sweet Addy. Feel free to post in the thread there, or if you'd like to communicate privately, feel free to PM me or Kara Lee or Mighty Mouse. Thank you for all of your warm thoughts. Natalie will be dearly missed by many. And of course, I'm so sorry for the loss of a community member. Thanks, Alexis nice to see a familiar face. -lexx
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