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  1. We have 2 extras for tomorrow nights show. Looking to get back face value: $69/each after fees. Hit me up ASAP! We are going to the show, and tickets are in hand.
  2. One extra. Leaving Boston now. Call or text. Tickets are will call so must meet at park. Chris: 857-204-7539
  3. What a great show to have as my first Wilco show ever! I've been a fan since A.M. but never had the chance (schedule or money) to see them before. I was supposed to work last night, but got a replacement at the last minute and drove from Boston. I got in at 6, went straight to the box office and got Orch. row I...awesome!! I saw there were people recording, anyone here one of those recorders? I would love to get a copy. I can offer my services as an audio engineer to cut-up the tracks and do some light mastering. let me know! chris@palmettostudio.net
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