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  1. Yeah, I probably should have left those last 2 words off. It strained the analogy a bit far. That said, I was trying to think of a band that was huge, useful on occasion for just about everybody (i.e. has a few songs that everyone likes), but in the end doesn't master one particular thing well. And I'm still not sure U2's not that band. Bono's activism probably eliminates them from the Wal-Mart of rock status, though.
  2. Shouldn't there be an "alt" in there somewhere? Anyway, I think they're more the Dick's Sporting Goods of music with the above genre playing the part of sports. If you're into sports/singersongwriteretc, then there's something for men, women & even kids, and everybody I've recommended either entity to generally comes away happy with the experience. But if you need a big plasma screen/arena rock then Best Buy or Pearl Jam might be more your bag. I think somebody like U2 might be the Wal-Mart of rock: they're huge, they've got a little something for everybody, but if they're your favorit
  3. too far apart into hummingbird is a standard on my intro wilco cds for newbies. try it for yourself, it rocks balls.
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