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  1. w well hello Dr. Tipton. It is quite likely i will mess up often this year and next year. I like to say that you dont succeed unless you fail. Actually I dont like to say that, but some dentist told me that on Thursday in clinic orientation. I think you know very well that 2 or 3 AM bedtime is nothing new for me...but i don't think its very healthy. I am gonna try to get it down to about 1:00 gradually by the end of this summer. That sucks that Indy wasn't that great. I am still planning on going to see it at some point if i can find someone around here to go with. :-( -B
  2. You're gonna pull the wrong teeth, aren't you? most likely yeah...just started summer session and......and.....next Tuesday I see my first patient ever. Just spent about an hour on the internet designing a business card to give to my patients in clinic so that they remember their appointment date.
  3. You think that is screwed up...I am 2 weeks post final exams and still can't go to sleep until about 3:00 AM. And I have class at 8 AM....quite the recipe for disaster.
  4. Sorry Allison Funny there is talk about that guy...but, my friend who came to the show said and I quote "you look like someone famous"....and the jerry garcia replied rather angrily "no I dont!" And then we quit talking to him. He was a bit too edgy.
  5. This must be Alison (sorry if its 2 L's)....and yes, my friend still talks to me. He didn't see me having a good time ;-). Thanks again for saving those nice seats by the tapers for me and my friend....i'm sure the people i gave them to were very happy! Life is better in the front row what can I say -B Happeningstone: Your husband cracked me up for quite some time while in line that afternoon, and inspired me to do something i will likely never do again....Buy a 6 pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon bottles and drink on the street. I felt like a traitor drinking a Miller product on the
  6. Anyone listening right now to Night 3 over on Wilcoworld. Just so ya know....I am one of the beautiful voices at about 18:00 in (Hummingbird) when Jeff put the microphone in front of the faces of the two lovely ladies in front of me. And I need to share my after show story as well if you will bear with me. First off, I have seen maybe 25 shows at the Pageant and it was the first time I stood in the pit, and almost on the rail at that (thanks to Chris and Jen for inspiring me to do so). After the show I caught a drumstick...not the one thrown by Glenn but one that the drum tech through whic
  7. Well thank you....that is just some of the humor that Southern Illinois University brandishes in its students in hopes that someday they can offend every patient they ever treat. I feel as though this past weekend reaffirms my faith in my ability to be completely inappropriate to people I have just met.
  8. Hey....I believe I met you and several other VCers in the line at all 3 of these Pageant shows. Perhaps you remember me best as 'Dr. Dentist from Alton, IL'....or the kid with the Cubs hat. Anyways, I am trying to figure out who some of the cool people I met at these shows are. And...my money says you are one of them. :-) Brendan
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