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  1. Thanks to those of you who replied to my post offering their extra tickets...It's nice to know there a good people out there who aren't looking to gouge you...I was lucky enough to secure a ticket for Saturday... Hope it's a good show...how can it not be.
  2. Still hoping to find two tickets for either Friday or Saturday's shows in Montclair, NJ... Montclair is 15 mins from my house and it kills me that I can't see Wilco right in my own backyard. Anything I can do to pursuade you to sell me your tickets, please let me know... Thanks for taking the time to read my post. Dave djp0910@gmail.com
  3. I tried buying during the pre-sale and on the following Friday but struck out. Would love to find 2 tickets for either show. They can be for the floor or orchestra, it does not matter to my wife and I, as long as we can get into the venue!!!! PLUS, I'll throw in a tray of my wife's delicious eggplant parm, chicken parm, ziti or lasagna....Your choice! Hoping to find some generous, kind soul who could help us out... Dave
  4. Wow...Didn't expect so much feedback for my question...Thanks to all for your replies...You have certainly giving me some things to consider. If I do take my son, my thinking was this... It is a baseball stadium so I would stay out of the field (GA) area. I don't think he would be too keen on being right in the thick of the crowd and seeing some of the negative responses, I really wouldn't want him near those people anyway...If I could easily spot the kid-friendly fans, I would gravitate toward them so where a nametag if you go saying "Kid Friendly" Understanding a typical 8-year old ant
  5. I'm leaning toward the Wappingers Falls one, too...Nice country up there... It is good to see that it is not that uncommon then...also is interesting to note that Wilco music appeals to the younger ages...
  6. Just wanted to see what the general consensus is re: kids at a show...My 7-year old son has asked me a few times to take him with me when I go see Wilco...I am considering taking him to either the Wappingers Falls or Brooklyn shows in July since they are outside in a baseball stadium...Ear plugs for him are a given...I don't remember seeing a kid sighting at any of the past shows I've been to other than the Tweedy solo show in Beacon, NY.
  7. I called Clearwater....They said Pete Seegar will be playing along with someone with a children's choir and, of course, Jeff Tweedy....Can't wait...front row!!!
  8. Kingston isn't too far away and has a couple cool places I heard...There's a good brewery there, too...The Gilded Otter Oooops, I meant New Paltz
  9. Yeah, I figured Pete Seeger is a given...I also assume Glen and Nels would be there too for a few songs...
  10. I always get a smile on my face when my children (6 and 4) ask me to put on the Choo-Choo Charlie Song (Monday) in the car. When I glance in the rear-view mirrow, I see one playing an air guitar, the other holding a pretend mike, and both of them singing away. It is too funny. Other songs my kids have requested: *Jesus, Etc. *Heavy Metal Drummer *Hummingbird *D. Boon *Strangers
  11. Anybody hear anything new about this show? I am surprised it isn't sold out yet. It really isn't that far from NYC....
  12. Only an hour north of NYC so location shouldn't deter folks too much...actually, the location is sorta the appeal to me! How many times will you get the chance to see Jeff Tweedy play a high school gym in a small town?
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