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  1. would they just DH Manny then...they also have Matsui and Damon still...and what about Swisher now that they signed Tex? good lord
  2. Papi will rebound I think, not sure about Lowell
  3. unless they have a bunch of injuries I would say the Yanks will make the playoffs, at least the wild card, I think Boston might still be better though 1-25
  4. You don't like capitalism, move to North Korea? hahaha I spit Diet Coke all over my screen
  5. Auburn really dropped the ball on this one, I dont see how you dont hire Gill or even Hoke at Ball State....sure Iowa State is a terrible job, maybe the worst of any BCS conference but still
  6. Tex is a good player but is he really worth all this money? Is he even in the top 5 at his position? Man, I need to hire Boras. He could land me and my 76 mph fastball and 78 mph change up a spot in someones rotation or bullpen.
  7. Im very bummed Turner didnt get the Auburn job, somebody will take a shot at this guy at a big name school and somebody will land a damn good football coach, Notre Dame and Texas A&M may open next year, both would be good fits for Gill
  8. I dont think anyone called ARod a bum, who said that? I will carry the flag for the "ARod doesnt hit in the clutch" club but I dont think he is bum, he is obviously one of the best players of this generation and a great ball player....a little bitch but a good ballplayer
  9. agreed, I follow KC quite a bit, I went to High School with Alex Gordon their 3rd baseman Soria is a good closer but Farnsworth is terrible, also they traded Ram
  10. Royals are set to sign Kyle Farnsworth to a 2 year/9.5 million contract, thats it give the Royals the AL now, finally the move to put them over the top and back in the postseason
  11. well my #1 choice would be All Along The Watchtower but as far as a Wilco Song I'd probably go with Casino Queen
  12. ARod can shut everyone up by having a huge October and winning a World Series in the Bronx....its that simple
  13. dude my Sister in Allen totally has a basement, whats weird about Texas is very few sidewalks, whats the deal there?
  14. that can't be correct, check the boxes in your basement
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