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  1. One more: In honor of the location The Minus 5 played Jonathan Richman's "Roller Coaster By The Sea" which, to Scott's dismay, was closed yesterday
  2. Delurking, just for coverage; This is a beautiful venue, right smack on the famous Santa Cruz Boardwalk, the second show I've seen (1st was Dave Rawlings Machine last summer). There were several remarkable instances last night I thought members might be interested in. First was an unexpected - and quite amusing - Son Volt drop. Explaining Sima Cunningham's absence from this show, Jeff admired her professionalism for honoring a commitment she had made before the tour. She had apparently flown home to do a show and would be back for the LA show. "She's singing with Son Volt". By no means have
  3. GREAT great recap. The third act on that poster Jeff mentioned was Rahsaan Roland Kirk - can you imagine being there...at least "in 1969" per Jeff's caveat?
  4. Bad form to bump your own thread, but this issue arrived in today's mail and it is spectacular.
  5. So they won't make the cover of the Rolling Stone, but the quarterly magazine Fretboard Journal (most familiar to guitar players on the board) will feature an article about Wilco and give them the cover of the Fall issue...they just posted a thumbnail on Facebook and announced the next issue's run list on FB and Twitter. It's a ten dollar book, but is probably the best guitar-related publication out there today. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=2316678&id=8094898166
  6. Awesome. 2 thoughts: a) re: alleged flatulence, is the bratwurst truck still parked under the Newburgh/Beacon Bridge? It was when I lived in Fishkill circa 1983...that would be my prime suspect as source. It's amusing to read the flack Conor continues to take as an opener, especially considering how many of us witnessed the Jonathan Wilson, err, Experience(?) opening for Wilco in Pomona & LA!
  7. In the interest of completism, I got my vinyl + cd + T package this morning (1st post, hi everyone). I'm in Carlsbad, CA. Tickled when that big 12.5 x 12.5 box arrived, felt like I was 10 years old, getting my first Three Dog Night albums from Columbia House Record Club! The CD loaded into my Powerbook G4 and into iTunes with no hiccups, but it looks like the tracks are tagged incorrectly; Only "You Never Know" and "Country Disappeared" (tracks 6 & 7) were tagged with "WILCO" in the composer field and were therefore recognized as separate files. I manually edited them but iTunes is still n
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