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  1. Find a nice 90's - 2000's Rickenbacker with Toasters and never look back...
  2. Just got a vintage 1968 Epiphone El Dorado off of Ebay a few days ago. It's really mint!!! A step up from the Texan. Really Great Guitar!!! Forgot to attach photo
  3. Hey guys, the RED,BLACK, and WHITE lap steel is 100% a "Silvertone" of some kind. I've found multiple photos on the net of the same headstock logo on a few silvertone lap steels. Mystery solved.
  4. Hey does anyone know what kind of Lap Steel Guitar's that Nels Cline plays with. I know one is a 50's or 60's Gibson BR-9 (White and Red), but there is another one I see in photos, It's a Black, Red, and white one. I don't know if it is supro, kay, silvertone, or something else. Also, anyone play lap steel on this forum? I've been wanting to learn wilco parts on lap steel.....like some of the melodies on "Via Chicago" for example. Thanks.
  5. $400 for a custom Mid Fi Electronics "Pitch Pirate/Glitch Computer" I guess i'll be saving up!!
  6. Anyone interested in my 1967 Epiphone Casino. I've started the bidding out at $1800 on Ebay. My member ID is: epiphonelover07 Take a look.
  7. Thanks. I've contacted Mid Fi Electronics to see how much a custom "Pitch Pirate/Glitch Computer" Will cost to have made. Sadly I've sold all my pedals recently. I actually owned a Lovetone Big Cheese Fuzz, Custom Green Freakshow Brown Rabbit and No. 9 Boost (Which are on ebay right now if you are interested)I'll post the price of the mid fi pedal once I have it.
  8. Hey guys. I've seen Jeff's Board up front from Cincinnati, OH's show a few weeks ago and want to clarify a few things about his pedal board. There is one pedal that everyone is always asking about that is painted all swirly and has 6 knobs and 2 stomp switches. This is a mid fi electronics pedal. It is not a standard mid fi pedal though, I contacted mid fi electronics and they informed me that it is a combination "Pitch Pirate" and "Glitch Computer". Also, he is using a Thorn's Peaker from ooh la la pedals...Kinda like an overdrive. The colorsound Prescription Overdriver was present, as
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