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  1. What a great show. The progression of the set I thought was awesome. What I see as the more tight, clinical, edgier (but super awesome) selections on the front end, moving to the campfire jam of "Be Not So Fearful" and a sweet dedication to Sue ITMWLY to wrap... Whew. Not much of a cryer, but... And Panthers. Didn't know til now it was a first, but it was a standout to me. God, Glenn is good.
  3. I love this band. Been a fan since the relative beginning, and this is my favorite of their work. This is wonderful music. They cut out a lot of the preciousness (minus a few 25c words that work really well) and still have really solid and moving lyrics. I love this album start to finish... really... every song. I like the June Hymn and February Hymn the most. In fact February has a hint of the original recording a of Bob Dylan's 49th Beard.
  4. YAY!!! The last one is in my top 5 for the last couple years. I can't seem to get sick of it. It was decisively less country/rootsy than all of his previous solo and DBT work, but super awesome nonetheless IMHO. I took my wife and a group of friends to see him a few months back at The Double Door in Chicago. We went early for some cocktails, and sat in the basement, and ended up sitting right next to Jason and the band. Seemed like a nice enough group of guys. Anyway, we were sitting there and all of a sudden we hear this rattle and a huge THUMP. We looked over and a man had fallen a
  5. Thanks for the Pics! My god, I can't believe they did it! I just got back from a wedding/vacation for the last 11 days in Southern Ilinois . I saw the game, but missed ALL the aftermath. I am so bummed. Looks like the city really broke loose! Go Hawks!
  6. Are u asking $4500, or that is what you bought it for?
  7. Way to go Hawks!!! Rough 3rd period. The Flyers are playing really well. Edit: But we are up 2-0! Eat that cheesesteak.
  8. Go Hawks!!! I am one happy guy right now.
  9. DO... DO DA DO... DO DA DO... DO DA DO DA DO DA DO... DO DA DO... DO DA DO... DO DA DO DA DOOOOOOOOOOO (RINSE AND REPEAT) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3-0
  10. I agree with this. I like this album. I like it more than the last and less than the first. But I like it more than I thought I would have sighting this board. Seems plenty inspired to me.
  11. This is a good matchup for the Hawks. The Sharks are like a bigger, slower version of the Blackhawks. They cant keep up so far, and are not aggressively fore checking like they would need to to slow the Hawks down. They're a good team, but we've got their number. Hawks in 5.
  13. I don't say that lightheartedly. I'd put my money on it. Try it, and let me know. I'd be surprised if you didn't like it better. Of course it is a matter of taste, but to me, it is not even close. IMO it is the BEST Irish whiskey that I have had. We used to order it from overseas and get gouged on shipping. Now we can get gouged at Binny's!
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