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  1. Not that it matters one bit, but I'm pretty certain I've seen Jeff play one with a white pickguard as well, at the show in Snowmass last year.
  2. Shortly after starting the thread I gave in and put down a deposit at Wildwood. Will share thoughts, pictures, and sounds once it arrives!
  3. If this one's made to the same specs as the 1961 reissue, it should have quite a skinny neck indeed - like 60s telecaster skinny. Much as I adore Cline's playing, personally I'm never going to play like him nor get realistically the most out of the things that make a jazzmaster unique (playing behind the bridge, figuring out how to use those rhythm circuit switches). In that video Auerbach is playing a 1959 Supro Coronado - finding an original would be quite difficult, I think, but Eastwood Guitars makes a very affordable modern copy, they call it their Airline '59 Coronado.
  4. Wildwood also confirms these guitars are being built, they anticipate getting five. They're trying to get hold of someone at Gibson to confirm pricing.
  5. My local shop (a Gibson dealer) is trying to get hold of someone at Gibson who can (hopefully) provide more definitive information. I will let you good people know what, if anything, they manage to find out.
  6. Thanks so much for the information. But now you've done it, after seeing that picture I have serious GAS pains. Is there any way to find out whether lovely specimen is going to become an actual production guitar, and, if so, which dealers might get one? Bizarrely, amazon.com lists a Tweedy SG as "in stock" for $1699 but then says it "usually ships in 4 to 7 months," which makes me think that they don't actually have one in stock, and also I'd be awfully nervous ordering a (perhaps nonexistent) guitar sight unseen from amazon as opposed to a reputable guitar shop. Interestingly, it looks fr
  7. Various websites, although nothing official I can find on Gibson's, are claiming that Gibson is going to be issuing a Jeff Tweedy Signature SG for this year's 50th anniversary of the 1961 SG, in blue with a maestro vibrola, for under $2000. Does anyone have any idea whether this might possibly be true, and, if so, how one might go about attempting to buy one of these? I certainly realize the utter folly of believing that celebrity-endorsed instruments have special powers, but a blue 1961-specs SG with a maestro tailpiece for non-custom-shop prices sounds like a deal too good to be true, no m
  8. Ghost, Everyone's ears and tastes are different, but to my ears replacing the Dano's overly-high metal nut with a proper-height bone nut (a friend very kindly made me one as a class project for his lutherie course at a local college!) had no adverse effect on tone but a tremendous positive effect on intonation and playability.
  9. Hi all, First-time poster here but big fan of the forum! Thought I'd weigh in on a topic dear to my heart. I seem to recall that the Fretboard Journal story on Wilco shows Jeff Tweedy holding a Nash twelve-string telecaster thinline. So if you're prepared to spend substantial money you could presumably contact Bill Nash and ask if he'd make you one. Alternatively, Fender Japan still makes Strat XIIs! The Danelectro reissues are cool-looking and cheap but if mine is typical you might need to be prepared to replace the crummy metal nut in order to get correct intonation. Another slig
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