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  1. Same here. Still waiting on Manchester and London, both booked using the songkick presale. A buddy of mine ordered through seetickets and got them weeks ago. A lesson learned, don't bother with a Wilco presale if there are alternatives available.
  2. There are certainly more 'outdoor' gigs to come as they would not come to Europe to play just 2 gigs, so Cork has to be a very strong possibility, as does Glastonbury. Dublin takes me to 5 Wilco gigs in 2016, I am not sure my annual leave (or my wife's patience) will stretch to too many more but Cork would certainly be a nice easy trip, with such good links from Manchester.
  3. Agreed, I saw The National there last summer and it is a lovely setting to see a band, especially with good weather. I will be attending.
  4. So I see the gap between Belgium and Denmark is now filled in: Düsseldorf Oct 29th Stuttgart Oct 30th Both all seated venues and both cities that don't really appeal to me too much. I will hang back for Ireland and/or The Netherlands.
  5. Yeah, because my wife just loves it when I choose to spend loads of money, time and annual leave following bands around Europe at the expense of family time...
  6. Second Brussels show booked. I do love double headers as the chances of deep cuts is always far greater. Now if they want to add a show or two at the Paradiso in Amsterdam right after these then that will be just swell... PS my wife is going to go nuts when she finds out.
  7. Two nights in Brussels? That would be ace, especially as I haven't booked flights yet (because it is so bloody far in the future...).
  8. Would the general consensus be that more Euro dates are forthcoming? There are some big gaps in that schedule (between Brussels and Copenhagen especially) and I would be shocked if the Netherlands and Ireland gets nothing. There also must be more shows in June/July as they wouldn't come over for one festival. Glastonbury will surely figure.
  9. Brussels GA added to my itinerary. From looking at this great clip from the same venue in 2009, it looks a cool venue and it seems the Belgian crowd really gets it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_t8_p514bw
  10. Manchester booked. London booked. I was put off by the pre-sale for Brussels only offering 'will-call' with tickets being available for collection at doors opening time, which is absolutely useless when you want to wait in line and get on the rail. The general sale on Friday has 'print at home' so I will wait for that.
  11. When concert tickets go on sale so far in advance that you cannot book airfares, train tickets or hotels yet, then something is not quite right. Still, I am hoping to grab a Brussels, Manchester and London ticket today. Hoping that the Netherlands and maybe another Germany gets added to the tour also.
  12. "This event will have a general admission standing room only floor and a reserved seated Loge and Balcony. Reserved Loge and Balcony tickets will NOT have access to the general admission floor."
  13. So it looks like Europe is on for 2016 as the official site is now listing an appearance at the Vida Festival in Spain in July. The good news for me is that their visit does not coincide with me being in the States in March/April. The bad news potentially for all is that I fear more festival dates and less Wilco headline shows.
  14. I strongly considered coming over from the UK to take in the New York and Washington shows however it was the weather that finally swung me to hold off for later dates and/or Europe. There is no way I can risk that cost when the potential for weather disruption in early February is so high. So yes, it is certainly a valid concern.
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