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  1. Hi there, I wanted to add that I have a hotel reservation in Pittsfield (very near North Adams) for a K-sized Bed room, and I am happy to transfer this reservation to you if you buy my tickets.
  2. Hi there, I got two extra early bird tickets (at the 129 rate, not the 99 rate) to this wonderful festival and I would love for them to go to a good Wilco love ya home. Please let me know if you'd like them. I would prefer to sell face to face here or near (Boston Mass), and I am willing to meet you near the festival in North Adams. Let me know if you are interested.
  3. Hi roadhse ma, If you don't get a trade, would you be willing to sell me two of those tickets? If you are interested, I will PM you my e-mail and telephone number. These would be my very first shows. Thanks, Marc
  4. Hi all, I am desperately looking for two orchestra or front of balcony tickets to the Wang Theater show in Boston. Please help me out - it would be my first show! I know it is not sold out, but I really woudl like ot avoid way in the back of the second balcony for my first one. Feel free to contact me here and I will send you my contact information. Thanks in advance! Marc
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