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  1. Would anyone happen to a spare ticket for tomorrow's show at the museum of art in Raleigh NC?
  2. Bootleg! http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=548651
  3. 1. Summerteeth 2. Being There 3. Yankee Hotel Foxtrot 4. The Whole Love 5. A Ghost Is Born 6. Sky Blue Sky 7. Wilco (The Album) 8. A.M.
  4. Had a great time tonight. The new stuff was stellar, FINALLY got to hear Ashes of American Flags after 6 times of seeing one, if not the best live band right now. I'm shocked with how little/none Mermaid Avenue 1 and 2/A Ghost Is Born/Summerteeth material was in the set, kind of disappointing, but hearing Say You Miss Me from Being There, made up for it slightly. Jeff was so happy and smiling throughout the show, Nels was on fire tonight, and I saw Nick Lowe not only open, but perform 2 songs with Wilco. It came close to beating out the DPAC show back in 2010, but this is definitely the my sh
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