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  1. I've seen many shows in the Peoria Civic Center and I would have to say that Americanarama may have been one of the best sounding shows I've attended. It was loud, probably the loudest I'd ever heard Wilco.
  2. I thought the 'Kingpin' was a great touch. After the song Tweedy asked, "Pekin is around here, isn't it?" Tweedy seems to be at ease up there, very confident, and, more importantly, he's having fun. The rest of the band is incredible. I really think they're one of the tightest acts out there right now. Wilco turned many heads here in Peoria last night, I took some friends who had never seen them and they were very impressed. Everybody down here is still buzzing. I just hope he keeps his promise of coming back sometime soon. All of those two to five hour road trips to see one of my favori
  3. Will the Vic shows this weekend be Tweedy solo shows (which is a treat in itself) or is there a chance that there will be special guests?
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