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  1. My wife is sadly unable to make it, and so my super-expensive, crazy-ass splurge (a one-bedroom suite) will have to go. Suite is 2100 square feet (!) Cloud9 allows transfers, meaning you pay me for what I've already deposited, they'll move the room to your name, and you'll continue paying the rest of the deposits. You'll also have to pay $125 per guest to add names to the room. The total on the room for two people is just under $5,100. (It accommodates 2 or 3 guests) Not looking to make a buck, just hand off to a fan at cost. https://wilcoskybluesky.com/pricing/ Hard Rock Hotel in Canc
  2. I have accommodations, 2 kids passes - now just need to cover the adults. Can paypal or venmo straight away! Thank you.
  3. By chance does anyone know - in past years have they released batches of tickets at the last minute? Unfortunately only resale market action seems to be happening now : (
  4. Still available? I'll take both if so.
  5. I have a great single, and a great pair for Town Hall on April 9 - looking to trade only for a single or a pair to April 8. Single is in row 1 of loge, section 8 (best seats in the house, IMO) Pair is row A of the balcony, center section. Seats 102 and 106... there are three people between the two seats. I'm sure they won't mind shifting over one seat. Would also consider trading for Boston 4/6
  6. Great floor seat (8th row, close to inside aisle) for Princeton, NJ on 4/18 Will sell for face + fees ($55) in exchange for a ride from Brooklyn (ideally) or Manhattan (second choice). It's a school night, and it's far away, which is a bummer - neither wife nor friends care to make the trip.
  7. Hey folks, I have two pairs for Friday: orchestra floor, row E and row L (see map below) Need a pair for Saturday, similarly good seats ideally - would trade either pair. Let me know! Thanks
  8. Four killer seats to this show. Seats are section C, seventh row, first four seats on the inside aisle. Just want what I paid for 'em, $220 each including TM fees. If we do paypal & ship, I'll add 3% for paypal fees, plus cost of overnighting (or at least secure mail) These are fantastic seats and I'm heartbroken I can't make the show. Really want them to go to fans, not scalpers.
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