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  1. Thanks for the good news. I'll keep in eye on my e-mail! And I second Wise Enough's proposal for more shows more often ...
  2. Thanks, I'm glad to hear it. I need to keep in mind the great Wilco concerts I've attended over the years -- in the scheme of things their batting average is still very good!
  3. I was at the Tuesday show with some friends and we all felt let down by the abrupt ending. The entire crowd was on their feet calling for more, and it felt like the band would come back for another encore. Then the lights went up and it was just ... over. Wilco was great, as usual, but the dynamic of the whole show felt off. The slow build of the first 5-6 song suddenly shifted to the high-energy ending of a longer set, with no back-and-forth between quieter and more upbeat songs (other than One by One, which was as gorgeous as ever). Afterward, we concluded that there must have been time re
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