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  1. It was the Section Quartet. I guess they are a hit around the LA scene (I dunno, I'm from San Diego), cause they got a huge applause from the crowd (honestly, I think it was louder than the applause for the band). In any case, they were great and it was a real treat to hear those songs with full arrangements. The Fleetwood Mac song was Sentimental Lady, looks like they've been closing with that regularly this tour. It was a fun way to go out. Great, great show.
  2. Great, great show, though the venue didn't seem like a great fit. Reading the other threads, it sounds like there were a lot more people here (100-150), but it was a huge "scene". It seemed like at least half the crowd didn't know who the band was, and there was a lot of talking. The crowd was very thin towards the end. None of this took away from the show at all. Now the good stuff: A string quartet played with them for 5 or 6 songs in the middle, and they sounded AWESOME. The band was clearly loving it, John appearing the most blown away by their songs in full arrangement. Nels was there wat
  3. I've heard the version that you're talking about. It is labeled TTN Acetates, taken from a Reprise test pressing found in a swap meet. The mix and song order is not the version Briggs wanted to release. Most of the acetate consists of the same cuts that appear on the album, but none of the fabled conversation is there (though there is a line or two audible before and after Roll Another Number). It also includes for the Turnstiles, Walk On, and maybe Bad Fog of Loneliness. It's cool, but for me it was a bit of a let-down. I'm out of town right now, in SF for the Bridge shows, but if you give me
  4. This is indeed madness. I wanna discuss Tweedy punching some guy in the face on the Jay board, not here!
  5. What's up man. I knew that's what you meant, I was just being a smartass. I too hope the board is up soon, in time for GOB IRON!
  6. Aww, it ain't that bad. Those threads are some of my favorites, most of the responses are hilarious. Hope the board's back up soon. I don't know what to do with myself (hang out here?).
  7. I just did some online detective work, comparing the somewhat blurred images to azlyrics.com pages and I have found out it is: Motion Pictures (For Carrie), that "For Carrie" accounts for the long looking title. Congradulations to everyone who got to witness that show!
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