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  1. I would be extremely grateful for a PM. I couldn't get the player to work last night either. Thank you kindly. EDIT: Got it - Thanks!
  2. I couldn't believe this when I heard about it this morning. I was taken back at just how much it affected me. This is truly sad. This world will miss his energy. RIP Steve.
  3. Saw them in '04 when they opened for Rilo Kiley in Chicago and definitely wouldn't have described them as country/folk . I haven't heard any of their new stuff though. Thanks for the review/photos!!!
  4. Good luck Johnny! Seriously, I'm sure you'll do great Chris!
  5. Ummm...Yeah hi Yeah I caught it! Thanks for reminding me about that!
  6. That's hilarious! Way to go Erin!
  7. Julie- you are just the best! Thanks for sharing those photos above! Nate, I love your work! Gosh I miss all you guys already!
  8. Reading all of this just makes me wish we had had more time together! You guys are the best! Edie, please tell Max that I checked out his site and that I now know he was being modest!
  9. Thanks Leigh! I love the bathroom shot! Classic.
  10. Morgan, thanks so much for your help with getting my pictures up! I'm totally incompetent! I'm so glad that you like them! Jessica
  11. pictures I hope this works!
  12. Welcome to the board, Alex! It was great to meet you and your family last night!
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