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  1. LouieB, thanks for taking the time to answer my inquiry. Well, It's what I expected. Fortunately I don't want to get up close. Just hear some bands under the stars. Main concern is the heat. Something to think about.
  2. You better leve Neko alone Tweety!!!!! I aint PLAYIN!!!!
  3. Eggy


    Also the 90s was when they finally had the right technology to do moodscapes. Mickey had all of his world sounds as digital files he could use as needed and he really took control during this time. Oh and yes, I agree about 7/9/95.
  4. Ok, so no trees, but that's not a deal breaker. the lineup looks amazing-S-K, Waxahatchy, Courtney Barnett, Mac D, etc. As it gets closer to Showtime maybe we can arrange a meetups. Anyone gone to P4K before? Know what else to expect? Is 45 too old for this/ Will there be "moishing" and "crowd surfing"? is there a chill out tent or an aromatherapy tent? How do I know when I'm dehydrated?
  5. Yes I'm kidding. I hate Orangina. Too sweet. But a meetup would be swell. I'll be at the Union Park Lounge. You'll recognize me. I'll be wearing a Wilco shirt.
  6. I hope Neko plays that night so she can do the Feist part on You and I.
  7. Anyone going to this thing? Looks like lots of bands there. Anyone been before? Is it a nice park with room to roam and laze around under a tree, sip n Orangina?
  8. Eggy


    Best Drums/Space you ever heard? Gotta be Nassau 4/12/ 83. Killer!!!!
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