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  1. also wanted to add... was so thrilled for the acoustic "hootenanny" at the end... i was just about in tears during It's Just That Simple... so beautiful, all of it.
  2. Wow... what a treat! the show, the venue, all of it... absolutely magical. I stayed in the hostel (in the lodge) and had some good soaks in the pool after the show and the next morning... I'm a relative Wilco newbie, and this was my first show... I drove 8 hours to get there! (I live in far northern California). So incredibly grateful to have been able to see what was by all accounts a special show. It was all I expected it to be and more... I saw one or two tapers there... anyone know who they were or how to get a hold of them? I would absolutely LOVE a copy of this show!
  3. Hey folks, I'm headed to Edgefield solo.. don't know anyone up that way. I'm looking for crash space with folks who are going to the show!
  4. Yes, I'm new here. Just discovered Owl and Bear's Wilco Archive... whooo where to begin? What are your favorites? Give me some recommendations to start with =)
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