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  1. I thought the sound was muddy and it was so loud to the point of distortion.
  2. Orchestra Right Center $75.00 $75.00 | Row L, Seat 70 Service charge $8.59 $8.59 x 1
  3. I saw the set from Montgomery and I new the Mobile show was going to rock and it did. I am completely in ah of this band. I have been watching this band live since the AM days at First Avenue but I am sad to say that I am done with Wilco. It is not because of the band. They have just gotten better over time. I even brought my brother to the show who isn't a follower of Wilco and he couldn't believe what he has been missing out on. I am saying goodbye because of a few pampas Wilco fans. I stood up to rock during the show, like you should during a rock concert and few fans behind me threw things
  4. sergio

    John Doe

    Yes, I was going to skip him. I am just not huge on opening bands that I have never heard of, but maybe I will go check him out. It sounds like he is worth watching.
  5. sergio

    John Doe

    I was wondering if anyone knows how long John Doe's set is so I know what time I should enter the show.
  6. I have not found sbs in any of the Sunday ads. What is the deal with that?
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