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  1. Although this pass is a part of the hotel package that I've purchased the pass alone was being sold at $537.11 including the fee. https://solidsound.frontgatetickets.com/.../nkm6x1ab9p63vv1h Please let me know if you're interested!
  2. How about 90 which is half way back of the fee after 75?
  3. Wish I could trade it for the 2nd show on October 1st first. But simply selling with face value is good too. Please let me know if you'd like either.
  4. They’re selling tickets for all 3 days now.
  5. Is that so? First come first served seating? But some tickets are being sold with seat numbers. They mean nothing?
  6. The lady of the venue box office has just told me they're all seated on the floor. But many FLOOR GENERAL ADMISSION tickets are being sold at StubHub. I also called StubHub but I couldn't keep waiting for the hold forever. Anyone please enlighten me.
  7. Yeah otherwise I gotta do Amtrak to Albany and then bus. But I couldn't come back right after the sunday show in the case.
  8. I still haven't got any camping tickets though. How do they usually take shower out there where many campgrounds have no such facilities?
  9. I wish you'd be interested in this ride and make my trip possible! Download Skedaddle for iOS or Android, and use my code 839291 to get $10 off! http://bit.ly/2kDZhV7 I'm a first timer both for the festival and this service though. The ride needs at least 2 more persons. Sorry, if this post would have been just a nonsense. I just feel like I gotta do what I can do. Have a great day and great days!
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