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  1. Would anyone happen to have a current way to contact Rob besides here or via wilcobase? Thanks!
  2. I do see that the wilcobase.com domain name is set to expire in late May 2018 after being registered for 15 years. I wonder if Rob will let it expire or renew it? I imagine if he is going to let it expire, perhaps he'd be more willing to give me a copy of the entire site to then modify for usage for another band/music artist? Mr. Cheeztasti - what program do you use to create what you've done with wilcosetlists.com? What kind of database is used behind the scenes?
  3. Thanks for the reply... Quite frankly, I'm looking for the raw data in terms of the entire website that I could then take and modify and start using it for a different artist entirely. It's less for the particular Wilco set lists and Wilco specific and more as a shell to build a different website. All in all, I love the Wilcobase setup and just how complete it is but would probably change things around such as color schemes and a few other things. I do realize a lot of people who put together websites aren't very happy to give them up to others, considering all the time and effort that is
  4. Hi all, It's nice to see that there's a thread that just deals with Wilcobase here. Quite neat and tidy of the admin's to keep it that way! I tried to contact the person who runs it a couple of weeks ago, but haven't gotten a response. Does anyone know if he is still around by chance? I would love to get a copy of his html, php, database and everything else in order to set up something similar for another artist that I'm really into and have been for years. The way Wilcobase was set up I think is amazing and fantastic and easily the best of any type of band gigography website I've ever seen
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