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  1. New album on May 4th (a week earlier if you're in Ireland). Free song here (plus a short sample of another): http://www.joshritter.com/sorunstheworldaway/
  2. In the first picture... Toby is on the left (bass) and sings the even numbered songs (Hang On, Army of Ancients, The Ark, etc). Scott is on the right (guitar) and sings the odd numbered tracks (The Breeze, The Old Days, etc)
  3. Looks like it is Liam Finn, according to High Road Touring... http://www.highroadtouring.com/tour/wilco/
  4. I thought about starting a new topic, but I figure it fits in with the album-promoting business... I just saw a TV commercial for (The Album). You Never Know playing over video clips from Ashes of American Flags, advertising that the album is available June 30. Have they done this for any of the previous albums?
  5. Just came across this from Gainesville on 5/5, with the extended lead-in: I was starting to doubt myself, so it's good to know I wasn't misremembering what I saw.
  6. Thanks, good find! Looks like they've been working on it over the last week or so, since I'm pretty sure he played about 10-20 seconds or so of the actual leadup to that part (or at least something resembling the actual song enough for me to recognize). I did see some mics in the crowd, so hopefully a recording pops up out there somewhere. The Granada usually puts a few songs from every show up on their Youtube channel, so it also could show up there.
  7. Just got home from seeing Jason Isbell at the Granada Theater. Good show. Pretty small but enthusiastic crowd. Cool moment during the bridge in Never Gonna Change. After playing a bit of a solo, Jason started playing something that seemed familiar. I couldn't quite figure it out at first, but as it built up I had the sense that it should transition into the 'rock out' part of Spiders (Kidsmoke). Then I realized he actually was playing Spiders, and they did transition to the 'rock out' part! My mind was blown. Anybody know if they've been doing this at every show on this tour, or is this a ne
  8. I didn't see this posted on here yet. For anyone with an extra $6k sitting around the house... Breedlove is now accepting orders
  9. Or is it my imagination? My brother came across this today... http://www.gametrailers.com/player/24780.html?type=
  10. If anyone is interested in the Califone show: For what it's worth, I worked at the Union while I was a student (through April). I contacted my former boss (event services coordinator) and he seems to think they'll be playing in the U-Club that night. It's quite a bit smaller than the Ballroom. It holds around 300 when empty. If they keep chairs in there, capacity is only about 200. I can't guarantee this to be true, as I now live 1200 miles away, but he usually knows what he's talking about.
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