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  1. I brought a large bottle and filled it with the water from my room each morning. I had heard the water was filtered but brushed my teeth with bottled water and only drank bottled. The ice in the drinks was fine, never felt a sour stomach throughout the week. Also this is not your traditional all-inclusive resort food. There is some really good food and great accessible snacks (fresh guac, wood fired pizzas to order, tacos). The French restaurant is also really really good. We are pescatarians and we wanted for nothing!
  2. We didn't buy the trip insurance, it looks like should the event be cancelled we will be refunded. We had the conversation yesterday about the possibility of it not happening and it was too much of a bummer. We attended the first one and it was hands down the best vacation we have ever been on. Things to bring: • Refillable Water Bottle • Yeti Style drink cup with lid • Pool Float • Your favorite hoodie it gets breezy and cool at night and you feel it after being in the scorching sun all day. • Portable speaker to jam to while getting ready in your room or for the ha
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