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  1. Anyone know the presale code? Tryna score some good seats for Knoxville
  2. Bump This ticket is still available. I take the hit on the fees and the the ticket is yours for $60
  3. Just wanted to bump this. I will eat the TM fees, and this ticket is yours for $60 Really bummed about letting it go but I can't be in town in time for the show. We can do the sale through CashorTrade for added protection if you like!
  4. One ticket for sale to Tuesday 4/19 in New York. It's BALCRC row B seat 2. Good seat in the balcony section. Bought during the fan presale. I'm a Phish fan gonna be in town for MSG and was planning on attending this show but now can't get into town until Wednesday morning. Just trying to recoup my cost for this. Face plus fees was $80.45. I can send you the screenshot of the receipt if you like. It's a ticketmaster mobile ticket so I can transfer it as soon as I receive payment. My email is tomcoverton@gmail.com. You can contact me on here and we'll go from
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