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Amp in the Wilco Book

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In The Wilco Book on the page between the antique radio and the start of "The Sound" section, there is a photo of what appears to be some sort of guitar amp. The name of the manufacture is on the top right hand corner but half of it is cut off, i can make out, "es_e_ Electronics Inc. Torrance California." Does any one have any clue as to what this is?

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there's also a silvertone 1481 in the section where it shows pictures of them recording AGIB.and i'm pretty sure the Supro amp jeff used is the Supro Super 108, which was (if i remember correctly) also the amp of choice for Jimmy Page for a little while.



I own the silvertone and maganatone. Magnatone's are known for there vibrato and concert hall reverb. The good ones are starting to get pricey....

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