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I'd like to hear people's take on some songs. I know Tweedy has stated that music is

very personal to the listener, so, obviously your own interpretation is unique and everybody doesn't have to agree/like it. I'd like to hear 'em. Any song, any album, etc.


I'll start.


My take on ALTWYS is that the couple is going through a rough patch (purple

black eye) about something. The song starts off quiet b/c the narrator is coming to his/her

partner (haven't decided if the beater is a man or woman) sort of with his/her tail b/w the legs

in a tender moment replete with tears. That moment quickly spills into a violent verbal fight

that is represented by the two guitar tones (higher one is one person) that eventually leads

into some hitting (Kotche's drums). Everything chills out in the end, and the piano has already

begun the healing...

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