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Donations and T-Shirts!

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This is an announcement-only post which is being cross-posted in every sub-forum, for those people who don't stray from Just a Fan, or Someone Else's Song, or whatever. For discussion on the topic, please go to the thread in TTL: http://forums.viachicago.org/topic/41671-donations-and-t-shirts/ This thread will self-destruct in one week (give or take).



After much ado, and kicking around a few ideas that were way over-complicated, we've come down to two fund-raising methods. We hope you'll all think about supporting the site by either making a donation (of any size) or buying a t-shirt (also of any size ;) ):


First, you can donate directly by clicking here:




That'll take you straight to a PayPal page, where you can make a donation in any amount, using your paypal account or a credit card (if anyone would prefer to donate by check or any other method, please PM me).


If you'd like to click on the "add message" option when making your donation to let us know your VC screen name, we'll confirm by PM that we've received your donation.




We're also offering t-shirts, through the Via Chicago Store on zazzle.com, at http://www.zazzle.com/viachicagostore* (please copy and paste that address into your browser; I can't make it clickable with the * at the end, but apparently we get extra $ if you shop though that exact address; if you really must click: http://www.zazzle.com/viachicagostore).




We're not planning on making a ton of money from these shirts, but they're pretty great, and we think people will enjoy showing off their membership in the cool crowd by wearing them. :)


The fabulous designs currently available were all designed by VCer "Misswe", and they're not limited to what's pictured above (there are additional designs, and you can pick the color/style of shirt). We also received a few submissions that we couldn't use, for some technical reasons, but we're hoping to get that straightened out and have more available soon.


We're still accepting designs, so if seeing Misswe's lovely artwork gets your creative juices flowing, feel free to PM me with whatever you've got. Please note that we are looking for Via Chicago-specific designs; while vague references to Wilco lyrics, etc., are probably OK, we are not getting into the business of selling Wilco t-shirts. Also, please take a look at the zazzle specs page, and keep in mind that designs for t-shirts should be of an appropriate size to either fit, or take up enough space, on the front of a t-shirt.



Thanks to everyone who has submitted fundraising ideas and t-shirt designs, and thanks to you all for continuing to make Via Chicago a great place to spend some time. :wave

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