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Jeff interview with Austin Chronicle

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Message boards are an interesting culture. I wanted to post in the aforementioned thread but it was locked.


AC: The piano was so rich on this new album too.


JT: Thank you. When the record leaked, and this is probably what started a lot of my introspection in what we're talking about, in terms of communication and what the dialogue is. When the record leaked, I could not resist the curiosity I had to see what some people were saying on chat groups. One of the first things I read was this diatribe, just merciless, about how awful the record sounded and how there was not one real instrument on the entire record. "It's obviously keyboard samples and that crappy pick-up that Tweedy uses in his acoustic guitar." Unbelievable. It couldn't be farther from the truth and this guy's judging this from a ripped MP3 and he's listening to it through computer speakers most likely. It was like, "Wow." I realized I'm up against it. We walked out of the studio thinking, "That's about as good a sounding record as we can make." We felt like, "Wow. That sounds like real music." That's all we're really going for [laughs].


Check out the first page of this thread - it's all about what you've highlighted.

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