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Via Chicago Goes Green!

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We here at Via Chicago feel strongly about "being green" (and we all know that's not easy) and about keeping our carbon footprints light. Toward this end, we have decided that all members of Via Chicago should have a more "natural" name. We are asking all Via Chicago members to, on April 10 (Saturday), change their name to one of nature's beautiful creatures! We prefer fur-bearing mammals when possible, and please, non-aquatic. (Also no, you may not change your name to "A Quatic").


I'll give you my own example: "kidsmoke" becomes "kangaroo"! Others in our moderating and administrating group might become, for example, Squirrel, Wildebeest, Gorilla, Bobcat, Polar Bear...


As far as possible, your new name should resemble your old name, for the sake of recognition. For instance, "Mt. Bed" would have a wealth of natural creatures to choose from: "Mountain Goat", "Mountain Lion", "Mountain Gorilla". And so forth.


You get the idea!!! On Saturday, April 10th, you become a "natural" creature here at Via Chicago! Be thinking of who you will change to! Together, we can make Via Chicago greener, and more natural, than it's ever been!






-----Oh, hi mouse yvon! (transitional name) I was just making the announcement about the "green" name changes...what?



*....psst, pssst psst...*


No! See, I have a calendar right here...see, it's Thursday, April...really? So I missed it? Are you sure today's Friday?


Well, damn. So, this is a bit embarrassing.



Um...look folks, never mind then...no name changes necessary. :blush






Oops, dang it, I mean,









Also, Happy April Ferret's Day! I mean, Fool's Day. :thumbup

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