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VC Tributes Forum - Grand Re-opening!

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With great fanfare, ribbon-cutting, and free (virtual) party hats, the staff of Via Chicago invite you to come over to the newly renovated, restored, and re-opened Via Chicago Tributes Forum. :cheers The purpose of this forum is to create our own tribute to Wilco, in the form of cd's containing our brilliant cover versions of their songs.


Two have been made in years past, and each was a marvel of musicality, demonstrating just how talented some of our members are! :yes It's time now to embark upon the creation of the third volume of our Wilco tributes, "I'm the Fan Who Loves You". If you are interested, please follow this link:


The VC Tribute Projects


Or go to the VC Tribute Projects forum, on our main page. There you'll find more information than you could possibly ever need about Tributes. :thumbup The current project will be found in the thread titled "Wilco Tribute #3 - 2010".


We can't wait to hear your songs, and share them with the members of Via Chicago, as well as the members of Wilco!

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