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....of a beautiful, new little Tribute, officially having entered the world at 5:35 a.m. on Wednesday, October 27th. Weight, a few ounces. Length, 5 1/2". Width, 5". (When bundled in its case.) Labor was long, about 5 months, and featured a great deal of wailing, complaining, and yes, a bit of swearing, but everything came out just fine in the end. The proud parents (the song contributors) are resting comfortably on their laurels, as well they should be!


Early visitors have remarked on the Tribute's plump round form, it's flatness and shiny top layer. :wub It is utterly bald and it is hoped this won't change. Several visitors have commented on the Tribute's close familial resemblance to its predecessors, with the tiny new cd having the same roundness with a whole in the center. But the new little one is totally unique and marvelous in its own way. We invite you to visit and coo over the Tribute via the link below, where you will also find swaddling clothes (in the form of cover art). It is hoped you will love the new Tribute as all its parents do! Please feel free to shower the parents with praise and/or gifts.




Here is a photo where you can see for yourselves how cuddly and darling Tribute 3 really is! You know you want to pick it up!




Isn't it adorable? :yes Now GO, CLICK THAT LINK UP THERE!!!


Edit: Please note; if you downloaded prior to 6:30 p.m. today (10-27), please re-download as there was a problem with the file. Thanks, and happy listening!


P.S. - As I've explained before, in the VC Tributes Forum, it is traditional for our Tribute "liner notes" to begin with a famous opening line from literature. Tribute 3's "liner notes" begin with what may be the most famous opening line ever. B)

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