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Tweedy - Sometime's It Happens

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Cant figer the the "flare up chord, Help?


Sometime's It Happens - Brian Patten


[G]Sometimes it happens [Am]that you are friends

And then you are [G]not friends

[Am]When friendship has passed

[bm]Whole days are lost

And a [Am]fountain [D]empties itself into the [G]grass


Sometimes it happens [Am]that you're in love

And then you are you're not thought off

When love is past

Whole days are lost

And among them a [D]fountain [Em]empties itself... into the [D]grass


[F#]Sometimes you want to [G*]speak to her and then

[Fsus4]You do not [C#m]want to speak

[D]And then the opportunity has [Em]passed

Your [bm7]dreams flare [??????]up, they [Cdim7]suddenly [D3]vanish[D*]


[G]And also happens, [Am]there is nowhere to go

And then there is [G]somewhere to go

[Am]Then you have bypassed

[bm]Years flare up and are [Am]gone, [D]quicker than a [G]minute

So you have[D] nothing


You [G]wonder if these things [Am]matter and then...

They cease to [G]matter

[Am]And caring is past

[bm]And a fountain [Am]empties itself, [D]into the grass[G] [D] [G]


F# 244322

G* 355433

Fsus4 688766

C#m 577555

Cdim7 034240

D# 668886

D* 557775

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