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Jeff's Guitars

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I was wondering if there was an accurate listing of the equipment the band uses, currently and in the past, mostly interested in Jeff's guitars. I would have figured it would be here, and probably pinned, I just couldn't find it, not for lack of trying. I did however find this one, just not so sure of it's accuracy.


Guitar Geek Chat


Something like the book "Grateful Dead Gear - The Band's Instruments, Sound Systems, and Recording Sessions, From 1965 to 1995" would be great, but that's just a pipe dream.


On a different note I'm interested in those smaller bodied 12 fret guitars Jeff plays, I'm more use to the sound and feel of a dread, any ideas on a cheaper but still decent sounding OOO 12 fret, I don't really feel like taking the plunge on a Breedlove or Santa Cruz without knowing I'm even comfortable with one?

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