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  1. Don't get your hopes up, Tom said they only mixed these 3 songs and specifically for the demo, there are no plans to release them.
  2. One of my taping buddies was going to try. I got to sit in with the first group on Friday for Random Name Generator, and I was in the 2nd group on Saturday for the new song, I didn't get in on Sunday for Art Of Almost. It's a shame they used that room, all brick and glass, the sound was bouncing all over that very lively room, they should have put some baffling up. As an audio engineer I can't figure out why you would demo a state of the art monitoring system when the listener was hearing just as much (if not more) sound from reflections then directly from the source. All that being said it wa
  3. Looks like they are running a deal right now, buy a poster and you GET the Bundle! Interestingly enough I bought the Solid Sound Owl poster this morning before the offer started, so I figured why not look now in my "downloadables", sure enough the bundle is there!!!
  4. I just saw on the Instagram feed a photo of the stage, there are seats upfront.
  5. I'm John, I've been to all the Solid Sounds and the Benefit show in 2012. I'm bringing my wife, her two kids and my three. I'm also seriously considering not taping this year, this way we can just come and go as we please. I'm totally pumped.
  6. Now I just need 5 more for my kids! I can't believe even Solid Sound has gone to the print at home tickets, I guess ticket stub collections will soon be a thing of the past.
  7. I'm starting to worry because I don't seem to be able to locate my tickets, now I can't remember if they ever arrived, hell I'm starting to wonder if I bought them, even though I remember buying them the day they went on sale even though I was on the fence about going. Could someone remind me when they went on sale so I can search my records.
  8. I guess it really depends on what your looking to do and what your budget is. I don't really use the built in mics but in a pinch I've had some success with the mics on the Zoom products. I have a Sony M10 and a Tascam DR70, the Sony has two mics which I've never use and 1/8 line inputs which are really clean, perfect for external mics or soundboard feeds. The Tascam also has two mics I've never used, however it also has 4 XLR inputs with really cleam pre amps and phantom power for external mics, and an 1/8 input. I would recommend both decks over the Zooms.
  9. Cool, I'll just look for the download!
  10. I'm only going Saturday, up in the Loge though. What are you taping with, I could use a patch ;^)
  11. I guess I'm in the minority but I'm underwhelmed at the lineup, I guess in a way it's kinda nice because I'm pretty sure none of those acts will have their own draw, to each his own I guess. I may end up missing the whole thing this year, I was told yesterday that the room I thought was reserved for me, the place my friends and I have always stayed at is now run by someone else who didn't reserve the rooms for us even though the old manager had set them aside and told the new one about us. The whole no chairs or blankets thing is kinda icing on the cake, it's gonna make the whole field thing
  12. I did it, for almost exactly what I sold my Taylor GA8e and PRS SE Singlecut for i got a Taylor T5z Custom and she is sweet!!! It took time and patience and I got less for both guitars then I was hoping, but in the end I got a beautiful T5z for a lot less then they were going for, I got real lucky.
  13. Used mobile app, best I could do for Saturday was Loge, forth row, right center.
  14. I'm sure you'd do wonders with them too!
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