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How do you feel about musicians reading lyrics on stage?


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  1. 1. How do you feel about musicians reading lyrics on stage?

    • Don't mind at all.
    • Hate it. Learn the songs, jerk!
    • Could care less either way.

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I hate it. During the Americana tour at the Irvine amphitheater Jeff called up Jackson Browne to sing California Stars. Jackson Brown was reading his verse and botching it badly.  Jeff gave Jackson Browne the death stare right in front of 20,000 fans. I doubt he gets called up again.

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Play a few open mics most weeks and always have lyrics with me on a stand...the fear that I'd forget, I know not very professional, but just use them as a reference.....always to the side so I can make eye contact with the crowd. If I was touring most nights maybe the lyrics would become ingrained , but when watching rock bands they always have earplugs, are these lyric prompters?. I was watching aerosmith the other night he was using an auto cue...but the performance was still great. So yeh I don't mind at all!

Those are in-ear monitors, so they can hear themselves on stage.

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