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Do The Miniumum and Diamond Light Part II

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hey folks.  i'm currently converting my collection over to lossless (with cloud back-up!) and so i've been busying digging out all of my rarities and ripping, tagging, downloading or scanning artwork, etc.


i would like to add these tracks to my collection but as i'm sure i've mentioned before, i have no vinyl equipment and even if i did, i'd have no idea how to begin ripping these tracks.  i know it may not be entirely appropriate to ask on the forum, but i was wondering if anyone would be willing to do a lossless rip for me?  i'd be happy to "trade" any other Wilco rarity in lossless format as well.  i've purchased nearly everything (including all of the lossless downloads) and contributed to the "rarities thread."


any help would be greatly appreciated and please PM me.


thanks in advance.



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