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Whole thing is A to G. The A riff starts on the A string, 7th fret to 10th fret and then 7th fret on the d string. Last two notes are on the 5th fret for that. Then it just moves down two strings, but then instead of the 8th fret (ala 10th) you hit the 7th. I would tab it out but I am lazy. Maybe later.

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The following tab is lifted off of Ultimate Guitar - seems to be more proper than my interpretation, though I have yet to try it out.



I was right about the chords (you were right about the stars) - seems that the riff isn't up on the 7th fret though.


In the video from the Pitchfork show, Nels seems to be playing all around the fretboard, so just move the riff from that tab up a few octaves along the neck, I guess. For the lead, that is.


This tab is also missing the "sonic breakdown" part of hte song that they do during the solo, sort of. I think Jeff is just playing the chords but in different voicing and then wailing away at the strings.

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