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  1. One tip, though it's not perfect: go to the user page of the account answering questions, then you can just see which q's they answered - but even this is sort of a pain to wade through.
  2. Looks like my friends and I waited too long, show is sold out. Anyone with some to sell?
  3. Funny, my father mentioned that movie to me the other night. Really a great flick, though I must confess I knew the Wilco album before I knew the movie.
  4. Yep, guessing it will either be made public later, or it's gone.
  5. It's been amusing to watch RS fade into complete musical obscurity. What are they going to do in 20 years when all the acts they cover have passed away? Start covering bands from the '80s?
  6. What's the recipe? FWIW, the normal A.M. has one of my favorite liner notes from the entire discography, because of the Brian Henneman "essay" (a bit short for an essay, though)
  7. Two David T's - but not this David T. I figure I've got no chance now, no way they draw a third David T.
  8. I almost chose that, or something like "Touchdown Nonbelievers" but they have a character limit for each field, so I'm not sure if it will work. But that lyric brings up a question we may want to ponder - should we count TDs in our scoring if Jeff doesn't believe in them?
  9. He's probably like me, he writes something like a blogpost and then doesn't proofread it. Or edit it for clarity.
  10. Just joined. I'm "StatueofLiberty Play"
  11. St. Genevive can hold up the water, but saints don't bother, with a boring live show. BTW at some '90s solo show Jeff sings the first line of that song as a joke, think it's '98 or '97. Can't for the life of me remember the date.
  12. Yeah, if I recall we discussed him for a bit at SS before Mac DeMarco and you told me he's not so good live. Guess you won't be heading east to Winter Haven! Nevermind then. 100 bucks is entirely too much money for a Jay Farrar solo show, or is that for the whole Gram Parsons fest thing? Almost as much as Solid Sound tix costs.
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