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  1. Really liked the song. Great lyrics. Had a Big Star vibe to me.
  2. Great way to finish the run for me. I agree about the Pat comments. We were on his side, and found myself focusing on him the most. He was fun to watch. Happy Xmas (War Is Over) was amazing. Goosebumps actually. I'm not going tonight but hope they play it again so I can hear it on the broadcast.
  3. I do think the venue is important. But I also think a concert is an event where different people will have vastly different experiences based on many factors; who you're with, what kind of headspace you're in, how the band is playing, who is around you, where you sit/stand. In the end, it's kind of what you make of it. I won't go see any band at the Riv or Aragon Ballroom anymore. Both venues are tough for me to get to, and usually way oversold. I also had bad experiences at them that have colored my opinion to the point of it not being worth it to go to, no matter who is playing there. T
  4. I want to thank Wilco for the fan-presale. I had low expectations since Ticketmaster was handling it and now either scalp the best seats with their "Platinum ticket" scam where they charge 4x face for good seats, or just make it impossible to get decent seats with the waiting room games. I was able to get PITs for 2 nights at the standard ticket price. A lot of it was patience and luck, but having seats Will Call only no doubt helped making them available to fans vs. scalpers. I also appreciate having the opportunity at good seats for face value. Thanks Wilco!
  5. Heading to Paris today with my wife for our 20th anniversary. As a bonus we get to see Wilco!!!! Any other Chicagoans or VCers going to the Paris show?
  6. From Chicago and I’ve probably seen every Wilco show at the Ryman and was interested in seeing them at The Grand Ole Oprey this time. Had decent seats in my cart but didn’t pull the trigger. So glad I didn’t as I then checked hotels for that weekend. Yikes. I remember Nashville being pricey in the past but $400-$500 a night?! That is nuts. Gotta be because there is a NFL game in town that weekend right?
  7. Thanks, I saw that! I thought they might release more. Ended up getting first row for the Rockford Wilco show in June. My wife is happy with that, so we're going with the $75's for Sat. afterall. Thanks again for the kind offer.
  8. You should call them with you order confirm #. I would think they could make will call arrangements, especially with your situation.
  9. Couldn't get online in time to grab them. Bought 2 regular GAs and excited about those, but if anyone has any extra Golden Circle GAs I'd gladly pay to upgrade. Wife's bday and want to surprise her. Either way we're in. I saw the post about bidding for the "Meet and Greet" for the show and was all prepared to bust the piggy bank and spend at the most a grand. Log on last night to get into bidding and it was at 2k+ in a blink. To think I thought I had a chance, lol. What a cool experience that must be and for a good cause.
  10. On the Showtime series "Billions" last night there was a chunk of dialog about Wilco. It was bizarre in that it was so wrong IMO. The upshot was that the Tweedy/Bennett duo was the pinnacle of the band and that Wilco is still keeping on despite it ending, and kind of inferred that Jay died in part because it ended. Really weird. Missed the mark 100%. Still, cool to see Wilco infect pop culture though. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/03/12/arts/television/billions-the-oath-recap.html?_r=0 "Their conversations are fascinating, wending from the source of the pilot’s dominant handshake, to her de
  11. Thanks for the reply AM. Went to the last 2 Wilco Ryman runs. So much fun. I'd make any excuse to come to Nashville, but love going to the Mother Church. Hoping it's in the cards this year.
  12. Hey AM Nashville. Do you think Wilco is coming to the Ryman this year? Always have a blast seeing them there. fun town.
  13. Had Pit on Thursday in front of Pat and row EE on Nels side Wed. Despite last night being the closest I've stood for a Wilco show in 20+ years, I personally preferred Wed night show. Hadn't seen Wilco since the summers Millennium Park show and was amped to see them again. Beautiful evening too. I can't think of another Feb. Winterlude run where I walked around without a jacket! I also was excited they FINALLY played The Chicago Theater. One of my favorite venues in the city. Loved Ashes to open, and how politically pointed it was. Just a better vibe for me and got to hear some of my favorites
  14. Thanks. That is what I was guessing.
  15. Does anybody know what time Wilco will hit the stage?
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