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Just Say Goodbye

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Going off of memory, I'll double check when I have my guitar with me.


Just Say Goodbye

Drop D


Chords used


D/Db (040232)

D/B  (020032)

A (x02220)

Em (222000)



D D/Db D/B D/Db


D        D/Db D/B        D/Db         

Sometimes when I'm fading

D D/Db D/B   D/Db    

I fight to stay awake

D     D/Db D/B        D/Db    
Here I lie, come and take me


I'll go

Em             A   D/B     D/Db       D
I will go so far just to say goodbye


D D/Db D/B D/Db


D   D/Db D/B  D/Db
My, my in my opinion

D D/Db D/B       D/Db
I tried, I huff and I puff

D   D/Db D/B   D/Db
Why am I in my skin again?

A       Em                          A

Well, I don't know how it works
      D/B   D/Db      D

So I just say goodbye


D D/Db D/B D/Db x2


D      D/Db  D/B            D/Db
Sometimes I see sorry faces

D D/Db D/B D/Db
I don't think I qualify

D   D/Db D/B               D/Db
Be kind as the nights embrace us


A    Em                    A
Oh, oh, we tried so hard

       Em                A
Oh, as if I have answers
    Em                  A

Oh, we tried so hard

D/B      D/Db       D
Just to say goodbye

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