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Yes, I'm yelling.


The site is due for renewal.  Solace asked YEARS AGO that we get someone else to be the tech brains behind this outfit.  No one has stepped up yet.


I'm getting ready to renew the site within the next week.  It would be great if someone else with tech savvy would make themselves available to take a look at what we currently have, if we need to update anything, etc.  Generally, the only other tech help we need is occasionally the server needs to be reset.  I could probably do that one myself, but I would much rather have someone who isn't just "following the instructions" but actually knows what they're doing when it needs to be done.  Also, it doesn't need to be done that often, but when it does need resetting, the site is down and people freak out, so we just need someone on call for that once-a-year-or-so occurrence.


Thank you!!

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