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Jeff Tweedy — 8 April 2019, New York, NY (The Town Hall)

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Bombs Above

Some Birds

One Sunday Morning

I am Trying To Break Your Heart

New Madrid

Sick Server


Having Been is No Way To Be


Family Ghost

You and I


Ashes of American Flags

Let’s Go Rain

Jesus, Etc.

I Know What It’s Like

Passenger Side

Radio King

Don’t Forget


I’m The Man Who Loves You



To me, there was an energy in the room at The Town Hall that straddled the line between respectful engagement with Jeff and too much. For the most part, the crowd was good: some ribbing here and there, attentive during the calmer moments, etc. That was until the encore. Once Jeff returned to the stage at about 9:50 the crowd remained standing and there was just too much talking/heckling, which might be why we got an abbreviated encore.


Otherwise Jeff was funny as ever. Repeated banter about Guaranteed, the comfortable seats, and the “Reverse David Lee Roth” (ie instead of the rock star asking “How are you all doing tonight?” Jeff’s crowd asks him “How are YOU doing?”


I loved his comment preceding You and I, when after some excited applause Jeff quipped, “was this your wedding song?”


There was a lot of clapping, including a clapper who “took a solo” at one point. During Let’s Go Rain Jeff has to pause mid-song to ask the audience to stop clapping “it’s just too hopeful.”


For the first mention of NYC during New Madrid the crowd gave a big cheer. After the song Jeff snarked “I thought that you were more sophisticated than that.” Naturally, he followed up with two songs with NYC references: Sick Server and Hummingbird.


Outside of banter I’ve noticed a few slight changes to Jeff’s playing. Specifically the outros to both One Sunday Morning and Ashes. Can anyone else confirm, or am I imagining this?

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