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Winterlude 2019 - all dates

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Seeing Wilco at the Chicago Theater was a dream and that's why I exaggerated.
Besides, I bought tickets for a couple of friends and my husband who won't be able to go and I gave up the last two days because I'll have french class.
So, I have a lot of extra tickets and I need to sell! I'm asking for the price I paid, I don't want to advertise on stubhub because it would be more expensive for the other fan.
I live in Canada, accept PayPal and can transfer via Ticketmaster as soon as the ticket is paid.
BALC2L ROW H SEAT 205 - U$84
MNFL2R ROW S SEAT 208 - U$ 101
MNFL2R ROW S SEAT 210 - U$101
MNFL1R ROW M SEAT 114 - U$101
BALC3R ROW L SEAT 302 - U$84
MNFL4R ROW M SEAT 412 - U$111
BALC2L ROW T SEAT 207 - U$66
MNFL2L ROW B SEAT 211 - U$111
BALC1L ROW G SEAT 109 - U$84
BALC1L ROW G SEAT 111 - U$84
Contact me if you are interested >> nananeri@gmail.com
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