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Wilco — 16 December 2019, Chicago, IL (Chicago Athletic Association [Stagg Court])

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A very kind friend came through with last-minute opportunity to attend the band's pop-up performance this afternoon at the Chicago Athletic Association hotel downtown, which was part of the Songkick Live series and I believe was filmed for future release, so who was I to refuse?


The actual performance was about half an hour and then Jeff stuck around for an at-times amusing Q&A with local improv legend T.J. Jagodowski for another 20-25 minutes. Among the audience questions was a request for Deeper Down to be played at the show tonight and Jeff saying there was no way in hell that was going to happen — it's a very hard song to perform live, Jeff said — but sharing that the indie rapper Jpegmafia had told him that was the Wilco song he would choose to cover if he was ever to do a Wilco cover.


The show took place on the fourth floor of the CAA, otherwise known as Stagg Court. It's an indoor basketball court renovated into an event space (think an old fieldhouse-type space, with a wooden jogging track above surrounding the court).


"Maybe we can shoot some hoops afterward," Jeff said to the small audience. "Don't take this the wrong way, but I think we'd have a tough time putting together a good basketball team, just looking at you."


Anyway, here was the complete setlist as played:


Via Chicago

An Empty Corner

Before Us

One and a Half Stars

Everyone Hides

White Wooden Cross

Love Is Everywhere (Beware)

Hold Me Anyway

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